Registry Workorder Custom Worksheet (sys-viewer-vwrkordr)


This registry option impacts the Print Worksheet button of the Invoicing Tab of the Work Order Viewer. If the Work Order Hearder job is a Service Compute job, clicking the Print Worksheet button will launch the Start Service Worksheet functionality regardless of whether this registry is present or not. If the Work Order header Job is not Service Compute, the system will check for this registry entry; if it is present, it will launch the billing worksheet report specified here.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Related Registry Entries:

See Registry Work Order Options (sys-viewer-vwrkordr) for a

Important Fields:

Id: sys-viewer-vwrkordr

See the Standard Registry section in Registry Viewer for additional Registry Id formats to allow entries for specific Users, Branches, Security, or User Groups to override the main entry.

Setting Key: WorksheetReport Setting Value: functionid

Where functionid is replaced by the worksheet report you wish to appear for non-Service Compute job (e.g.,RINWRKS). Note that this report may need to be imported into your database.