Registry Start DBXChange Copy Document (sys-dbxchange)

This functionality enables you to ‘push’ certain documents to a specified location where they are accessible for TechAnywhere, Client Web or FMAnywhere users. This would typically be on your firm’s DMZ in order to handle firewall considerations.

Please consult with your support representative on the implementation of this functionality.


NOTE: the following restrictions and requirements apply when first implementing this functionality...

1. You must have document archiving implemented. The applicable documents will be copied from the archiving location (behind your firewall) to the location specified in the sys-dbxchange registry entry.
2. Implement the new registry entry sys-dbxchange described below.
3. You may need to run the Start Function List Update function to add Start DBXChange Document Copy to the ‘All’ user group.
4. You may need to assign the new starter function, Start DBXChange Document Copy to the appropriate User Groups.
5. A Scheduled Event entry should be implemented to automate the Document Copy functionality.

The following registry setting is necessary to specify a location to push the documents marked FM / CSR / TechAnywhere viewable in the Document Viewer from their archived location to the one specified in this entry. Note that if this entry is in place, TechAnywhere and Client Web users will look to the directory specified in this registry for attached documents.

Id: sys-dbxchange

Contents: DocumentLocation= (location where you want the documents pushed)

Once this registry entry is in place, the new starter function Start DBXChange Document Copy can be run on demand (from the menu system) or automated (by scheduled event manager) to push the documents to the location specified in the registry.