Registry TSCA Registration (user-tsca-validation)


This entry is required to enable validation checking of the TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) flag in the Inventory Item record during Client Order processing.


If this registry entry is enabled, when you are enter a Client Order the system check to see if the inventory item is flagged as registered. If it is checked, processing continues; if not, a warning message appears.

This registry entry also impacts MSDS printing. For Items that are not TSCA registered, an MSDS is sent with every order, regardless of whether or not the MSDS has been created or changed since the last order.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.

Important Fields:

Id: user-tsca-validation

See the Standard Registry section in Registry Viewer for additional Registry Id formats to allow entries for specific Users, Branches, Security, or User Groups to override the main entry.

Setting Key: dovalidation Setting Value: y


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