Registry Dispatch Board (sys-dispatchboard)


These registry options are used to remove unwanted selections from the Status List that appears in the Dispatch Board, control the duration of auto-refreshing the board, and to prevent the WO from loading when the Dispatch Board is still opened.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.

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Important Fields:

Id: sys-dispatchboard

See the Standard Registry section in Registry Viewer for additional Registry Id formats to allow entries for specific Users, Branches, Security, or User Groups to override the main entry.

Prevent the Work Order List from Loading when the Dispatch Board is Opened

This registry option allows the Dispatch Board to open without producing a WO list until the user presses the refresh button. It is to be implemented if a user exits from the Dispatch Board with their filtering parameters set wide open; in this case, subsequent attempts to re-open the Dispatch Board may be unsuccessful because the initial WO list queries hang the database server. 

Setting Key: SkipWOListOnOpen Setting Value: true or warn

Both options cause the work order list to be suppressed until the user explicitly pushes the Refresh button on the top toolbar.  If 'warn' is used, the user receives a warning during the Dispatch Board open. If ‘true is selected, the Dispatch Board will simply open without a warning.

Auto Refresh Timing

This functionality is useful if you are displaying the Dispatch board on VERY LARGE flat panel monitors in the dispatch room for quick and easy review by service managers, techs, and so on.  A new AutoRefresh toggle button has been added to the Top Bar of the Dispatchboard; you must scroll down to see it. When AutoRefresh is on the Dispatch Board will refresh itself every timer duration.

The default duration is 60 seconds (60000 milliseconds). This can be changed with the following registry option. Add 1 and only 1 of the 3 following choices:

Setting Key: timermilliseconds Setting Value: number of milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second)
Setting Key: timerminutes Setting Value: number of minutes            (1 minute = 60000 milliseconds)
Setting Key: timerseconds Setting Value: number of seconds            1 second = 1000 milliseconds



Save Dispatch Board Settings by User by Board

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