Registry inet.log Retain File (sys-inet)


This registry entry should be implemented if it is necessary, for support purposes, to retain the inet.log file. The inet.log file saves the temporary log files of internet traffic (which are normally dropped) to help the support staff diagnose problems and is generated when such things as E-Mail, and HTTP files are sent by the system.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.

Important Fields:



Save the inet.log file

Setting Key: debug Setting Value: true

Setting Key: log Setting Value: FullPathNameofLogFile (for example, log=C:\sampro\inet.log)

 If the above registry entry is not made the Inet methods will work like they do now and discard the log.