Registry Dispatch Colors on Lower Board (sys-dispatchboard-colors-powerboard)


If this registry entry is not implemented, all work order list lines in the lower section of the board will appear in black text. When you create this entry, you will specify which field controls color-coding, as well as what color that is assigned to each record.


If you do not specify a color for a particular record, work orders will be displayed in the default color of black. Note that the registry entry sys-dispatchboard-colors is still used for Priority (Pr) color-coding of the default Classic and Day board views.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

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Important Fields:



Specify Which Field Controls the Color

Setting Key: method Setting Value: field

This specifies which field on the Dispatch Board’s work order list will be used to set the colors. field should be replaced by the field name that appears in the header row of the work order list. For example, to color code by Status:

 Setting Key: method Setting Value: Status

To color code by priority you would enter:

 Setting Key: method Setting Value: Pr

Specify Colors for Each Record Id

 Setting Key: recordid Setting Value: color:Custom

where recordid is replaced by the record Id and color is replaced by the Windows color map index.

Important Note: all registry options that use the color functionality must be correctly configured or a system primitive error will appear when the Dispatch Board is opened. These entries will NOT be ignored if an ‘x’ is placed in from of them to temporarily disable them.

Support Hint: for starter databases, you may wish to set all options to the color black initially. Once the database is installed at a customer site, individual options can be easily modified as needed.

A. To enter the index number, enter the appropriate record id in the Setting Key, and then double-click in the Setting Value. For example, if you were setting color by status, you would type onsite in the Setting Key. If you were setting up colors by priority, you would type in 0 to set the priority 0 color, 1 to set the priority 1 color, and so on.

B. After entering the record id in the Setting Key, tab to (or click in) the Setting Value, and double-click on the line to display the Windows color selector palette, click on the desired color and then click OK.

C. The system will replace the color: text that you typed with the system color you selected in the palette (for example, Setting Key: onsite Setting Value:32768:Custom ).

D. Continue to specify the record id and color index for the method you have chosen. If you do not specify a combination, it will be shown in the default list color (black).