Registry Weblog Escalation Profile by Branch (sys-weblog-escalation)


This registry entry enables the user to assign an escalation profile to weblogs created from the Anywhere Suite.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Related Registry Entries:

See Registry Start Scheduled Event Manager for a registry entry enable Web Log Escalation by Service Category (overriding Web Log Escalation by Branch).

Important Fields:

Id: sys-weblog-escalation

Assign Weblog Escalation by Branch

Setting Key: BranchId Setting Value: EscalationProfileId

This registry option is required to assign an Escalation Profile by the Branch specified in the Client Site Record when a Web Log is created. Since the individuals notified as a result of the escalation management would differ by branch, it is recommended that a unique escalation profile be assigned to each branch (if branches are used on your system).


Setting Key: BR001 Setting Value: WEBLOG001

  Setting Key: BR002 Setting Value: WEBLOG002

This example assigns a different profile to Web Logs created for Client Sites assigned to different branches.

Assign Weblog Escalation if Branches are Not Implemented

This registry option is required to assign an Escalation Profile when a Web Log is created if the Branch Id is NOT specified in the Client Site Record.

Setting Key: Setting Value: EscalationProfileId

Note that the Setting Key is blank and only the setting value is completed!


Setting Key: Setting Value: weblog

This example would assign the Escalation Profile ‘weblog’ to all Web Logs for Sites where the Branch Id is not completed.