Registry FMAnywhere


FMAnywhere requires a number of registry options to run properly. Depending upon how you wish to configure your FMAnywhere website, all entries will be made in the sys-fmanywhere registry entry, but may be overridden for a particular web user (or the web users associated with a particular web profile) if needed.

Note: the following registry entries use the Setting Key/Setting Value used in the Registry viewer. Override registries entered on the Registry tab of the Web User record will use a single field version with an equal sign separating the key and value: e.g, email-to=valid email address.

Important Fields:


  Registry Id: sys-fmanywhere   Registry Name: FMAnywhere

Disable Web User Changes


Setting Key: disableLayoutChanges    Setting Value: true (default is false)

This option controls whether Web Users are allowed to change, add to or delete from their dashboard.  It should always be set to true in the main registry setting.  To enable configuration of the FMAnywhere dashboard, it can be set to false in a template Web User record. 

Specify Upload Folder


Setting Key: UploadFolder       Setting Value: directory where FMAnywhere will upload documents
This setting should be discussed with support/IT due to individual firewall considerations.

Email Addresses


Setting Key: emailto   Setting Value: email address of user that gets the New Site Service Requests.


The emailto setting is also used as a default for Quote Scope Changes if a Sales Rep's email is not available.

Setting Key: emailfrom     Setting Key: a valid email address on your server for the Site Service Request.


Setting Key: emaildefault      Setting Value: The default email address for information requests.


Setting Key: email-quote  Setting Value: email address of user the gets the Quote questions.

Default Email for Quote Scope Changes

If a Quote Scope is changed by FMAnywhere, an email will be sent to:

The Sales Rep associated with the Quote

If the Sales Rep/Sale Rep's Email is not available, the email will be sent to the emailto address defined in this registry.

Id: sys-fmanywhere

Setting Key: emailto   Setting Value: validemailaddress