Registry New Call Required/Disabled Fields


This registry entry enables the user to define various fields in New Call as required or disabled.


Fields defined to be disabled or required by this registry apply to ALL of SAMPro's New Call Views:  New Call, New Call 2, New Call Create Site, and New Call COD.  If a field is required but does not appear on a particular view (and has not been defaulted-in) you will not be able to add the new work order.

Related Registries:

Registry entries for most other New Call Options.

Registry entry to flag Excessive Activity by Service Category.

Warn or Error if Date Scheduled Set to Past Date

This Registry may be used to specify which lines from the Site WO Other Tab should be added based is the Work Order's Service Category.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-start-snwcll

To indicate disabled or required fields:

Setting Key: requiredFieldsParent  Setting Value: fieldname1, fieldname2 ….

Setting Key: disabledFieldsParent Setting Value: fieldname1, fieldname2 ….

The contents of the line can be a field name or a series of field names separated by commas. When you place the mouse pointer over the field, the database field name will appear in the extreme left at the bottom of the screen. The name of the view followed by the  internal field name appears just to its right – the internal field name is what we need. In the following example, the internal field name we need is


Disable the Override Tech Status Field

If the dispatcher should NEVER override the default status, the new Override Tech Status field can be disabled the following registry setting:

Setting Key: DisabledFieldsParent Setting Value:

Require a Technician and Work Code

Require that a Technician and a Work Code are selected in New Call Screen before adding the work order:

Registry Id: sys-start-snwcll

Setting Key: RequiredFieldsParent Setting Value:,