Registry PO Form Portrait Format


By default, the PO prints in landscape mode. This option will allow it to print in portrait orientation, and will fit in most typical window envelopes when folded.

Related Registry:

See Registry to Set Report Graphics and Auto-Saving for general information on reports.

Important Note on Graphics:
If your company changes to the portrait format from landscape you will need to have new graphics supporting the change in place. The existing landscape graphics should NOT be removed (to supported previously archived reports). The new portrait graphics should have a different name, and the bitmaps option of the sys-report-rpofrm registry should be updated with the new graphics name at the same time when the registry enabling the portrait format is enabled.

Important Fields:

The following registry enables the portrait format for Purchase Orders. Purchase Orders will be generated in the default landscape format if this registry is not in place.

Registry Id: sys-printer-dialog-rpofrm

Setting Key:orientation Setting Value: 1