Registry PR Check Detail

This report is designed primarily for installations who are using the SkipPrintEFTChecks option in sys-report-rprchck to allow for the display of PR EFT Checks but printing only the live checks. With the appropriate Registry Entries discussed below, it may be password protected and e-mailed to the employee.

This report provides stub information to employees who receive their pay via EFT, and who do not have access to the stubs via TimeAnywhere. See Report PR Check Details for information on this report's input screen.

By default this report prints at the top of the page, but the Line Adjust option on the report range screen may be used to move the print down to allow your corporate logo / contact information to print. Including your logo / information will be useful to employees needing check stub information to apply for credit or other financial transactions. We strongly recommend using the InitialValueFor~ registry option to set the report's Line Adjustment field to the correct value each time it is run.

Id: sys-report-rprchckdtl

Specify a Graphic for the Check Detail Report

Setting Key: bitmap Setting Value: sharepath\bitmap.bmp

The ‘bitmap’ entry enables you to specify the name and location of the file used to display your company logo and contact information he PR Check Detail Report. A corresponding .jpg file is required it the report will be saved or emailed as a PDF.

Move The Report Down to Allow for the Graphic

Id: sys-report-rprchckdtl

Setting Key: InitialValueFor~p_lne_adjst   Setting Value: number of header lines

In this report, header lines are calculated at approximately 8 lines/inch.  If your logo/contact information was a graphic about 2" in height, you would move the report down at least 16 lines to avoid the report 'stepping on' the graphic.

Example: Move Report Down approximately 2 inches

Setting Key:InitialValueFor~p_lne_adjst   Setting Value: 16

Additional Settings

Initial Values

We recommend using the default InitialValueFor~ registries to initialize the check boxes to your company standards.

Password Protection

We recommend also using password-protecting this report if they are to be e-mailed to your employees or archived. This report uses the last 6 digits of the employee SSN as the SectionUserPassword when Password Protection is enabled.  The following option is required to enable password protection  

Setting Value: SectionPasswordProtect     Setting Value: true    (default is false)  

Autoemail and Autosave Settings

Note that this registry must also include the applicable autosave (or autosavewhenprinted), autoemail (or autoemailwhenprinted),  autosavefilename, and autosavedirectory entries for the password protection to be enabled. See the main Reports Registry for details on these entries.  In addition, the autosavefiletype option MUST be set to PDF. Be sure to implement for all Branch and or Security entries.

Print the Report PR Check Detail After the Check Run

Id: sys-report-rprchck   (note that this registry exists in the PR Check registry)

Setting Key: PostReports   Setting Value: rprchckdtl

This registry enables the printing of the Check Detail report following the posting of PR Checks. The input screens for the report will be displayed but the report must be started manually with the appropriate fields completed.  

IMPORTANT REGISTRY NOTE: If you are using the sys-report-rprchck-glaccnt-glentty registry format for the checks, the PostReports option MUST be enabled in the base sys-report-rprchck registry.