Registry Project Manager Workbench


Specify document templates and reports for the Project Manager Workbench .


Important Note on Registry Options:
Registry options specified in sys-viewer-vjb will also impact the Project Manager Workbench unless overridden by that option in sys-viewer-vjbpm. See Registry Job (sys-viewer-vjb) for details.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.

Related Registries

Registry Entry for Start AP Payment Approved List: this registry entry may be used to control the order this list appears in, and to set the Next Pay Date into the future for additional purchase control: Registry Start AP Payment Approved List

Important Fields:

Id: sys-viewer-vjbpm  Name: View Project Manager Workbench

See the Registry Viewer Standard Hierarchy section for additional Id formats if specific branches, securities, user groups or users need to override the main entry.

Show Employee Name on the Project Manager Workbench Cost Sources Tab

The Employee Name does not appear on the Workbench's Cost Sources tab to prevent sensitive pay information from being displayed. The following registry entry may be enabled so that the user or users eligible to see this information may have access to it.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vjbpm-branchid-userid or  sys-viewer-vjbpm--userid

Setting Key: ShowEmployeeNames Setting Value: true

Options to Specify RFI, Submittal, Transmittal and RFQ Document Templates

Setting Key: newTemplateRFI Setting Value: sharepath\filename.ext

Setting Key: newTemplateSubmittal Setting Value: sharepath\filename.ext

Setting Key: newTemplateTransmittal Setting Value: sharepath\filename.ext

Setting Key: newTemplateRFQ Setting Value: sharepath\filename.ext

These entries enable you to specify the Word documents that will be used as the start points for your RFI’s, Submittals, Transmittals and RFQ’s. A path is used to designate the file itself (if you are specifying a URL share path make sure that the directory containing the documents is shared).


 Setting Key: newTemplateRFI Setting Value: \\myserver\sampro\templates\RFI.doc

Option to Specify Path to Folder with New Other Document Templates

The following registry option is required to implement the New Other button functionality. Unlike the other buttons, a path to the folder holding the 'Other' document templates is specified.

Setting Key: newTemplateOtherDirectory Setting Value: pathtodirectory

Option to Specify Reports to be Listed on the Reports Tab 

Id: sys-viewer-vjbpm Name: View Project Manager Workbench

Setting Key: reports Setting Value: reportfunctionid1,reportfunctionid2,...

where reportfunctionid1 is replaced by the Function Id of the Report that you want to appear on the Project Manager Workbench Reports tab. Note that the Job MUST be assigned to a Project Manager for the reports to appear on the Reports tab. To identify the Function Id of a report that you wish to include, go to the Range screen for that report, and select Help from the menu. The Function Id will be listed on the drop-down Help box.


Setting Key: reports Setting Value: DJBPMR,DPMCCRPT

Registry Option to Set Effective Date of Budget Tab Entries

By default the effective date of Budget Entries posted to Job History via the Budget tab is set to blank (1900-01-01). This could cause issues when compiling a WIP summary report.  For example, suppose the user runs a WIP summary report for say 03/31/2010, and then places new jobs in service in April.  If the user must re-run the report for the end of March (03/31/2010) the totals will change (using the budgets from Job Viewer) whereas, using the Job Journal or if the budgets had a date they would have remained consistent. 

Id: sys-viewer-vjb (impacts both the Job and Project Manager Workbench)


Id: sys-viewer-vjbpm (impacts only the Project Manager Workbench)

Setting Key: BudgetEffectiveDate 

Setting Value:   none or currentdate or DateOpened (Default none)

none – use the user-entered date from the Job budget Effective date field; if it is not entered, the blank date (01011900) will be used.

currentdate – use today’s date from system date

DateOpened – use the date from Job’s Date Opened

Note on Existing Data: when implementing this registry, you may wish to update the Job History Budget entries generated by the Job Budget tab to correspond to the Job’s Date Opened. An SQL script for this purpose may be run to update your data: contact your support representative for details.

Control Display of WO Tabs

This registry option may be implement to determine which work orders appear on the Open and Other Work Order tabs by the use of a valid SQL expression.  

Setting Key: WorkOrderWhereClauseOpen  Setting Value: valid SQL expression

Setting Key: WorkOrderWhereClauseOther  Setting Value: valid SQL expression


Setting Key: WorkOrderWhereClauseOther  Setting Value: wrkordr_stts_ctgry not in ('Open','Archived')

Disable Budget Tab Entries

Setting Key: DisabledFieldschildBudget

Setting Value: jbbdgt.hrs,jbbdgt.qntty,,,,,jbbdgt.unt-cst,jbbdgt.amnt-cst,,jbbdgt.rvne-rte,jbbdgt.amnt-rvne