Registry Quote Manager


This registry entry enables you to set a number of configurations for the Quote Manager viewer and the Approval Wizard run from Quote Manager screen. It is NOT used by the older Quotemaster viewer (and its approval wizard) or the new Quote Scope viewer.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.

Related Registry Entries:

Registry to Prevent Work Order NTE fields from being updated by Approval Wizard.

See Registry Quotemaster Viewer for the Approval Wizard options supported by Quote Manager.

See Registry Quote Scope for options supported by the Quote Scope viewer.

TechAnywhere: the Job Cost Category for Fixed Price Quotes and Quotes with Inventory for TechAnywhere Quotes must exist in the Quotemaster Registry.

The ‘Imported from Quote’ fields on Labor, Inventory and Other Work Order lines will be checked if the line was imported from QuoteMaster. A registry entry (see Work Order Registry Entry to Deny Changes to QM lines ) may be implemented to deny all changes to imported lines.

See Global Settings: Material Requisitioning for using Material Requisition in conjunction with Quotes.

Set Tax Type on Revenue Adjustment Management Fee is a global setting that impacts the Quote and Work Order.

Registry to Enable Old Markup Methodology

Important Fields

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

See the Standard Registry section in Registry Viewer for additional Registry Id formats to allow entries for specific Users, Branches, Security, or User Groups to override the main entry.

Approval Wizard - Default Tech to Blank on New WO

When New WO is selected, the 'new' WO Tech line is included in the wizard. The WO tech currently defaults to the Site Equipment Tech. The following registry option may be implemented to default the Tech Id to blank. This preserves existing behavior while adding the ability to create an unassigned WO by default.

Note: if the Quote includes subcontractor lines, a tech line for the subcontractor will also be written to the new work order. This functionality is NOT impacted by the new registry.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: NewWorkorderBlankOutTech   Setting Value: true

Approval Wizard - Require Fixed Fee Billing Item

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: ApprovalWizardRequiresFixedFeeBillingItem Setting Value: true

If this registry entry is implemented, the system will check during the approval wizard that the Billing Item specified on the Job screen of the wizard has both the Fixed Fee and Allow Extras checked. The default value is false, effectively restoring the previous SAM Pro behavior unless the entry is present.

Approval Wizard -  Prevent / Warn Users Exporting to a PM Work Order

This option may be used to warn or prevent users from exporting to a Preventive Maintanance work order during the approval process. Two options are available: WARNING or ERROR. 

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: ExportToPMWorkOrder   Setting Value: WARNING  or  ERROR

When the value is WARNING, the following will be displayed if the user elects to write to a Preventative Maintenance Work Order: “Warning: You are attempting to export this approved quote to a Preventative Maintenance work order. It is suggested that you click “NO” and export to a new work order.”  If the user selects ‘Yes’, the Quote will be exported to the Preventative Maintenance work order.

When the value is ERROR, the system will display the message "Export to Preventative Maintenance work orders is not permitted." After confirming the message, the user will NOT be allowed to continue until the user elects to write to a new work order, or an existing work order that is not of the Type PreventiveMaint.

Approval Wizard - Default Inventory Location

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: locationid Setting Value: defaultlocationid

If present, this entry sets the default inventory location for the Quote Manager Approval Wizard. defaultlocationid should be replaced with a valid Location Id.

With the Setting Value blank, this option forces a blank location in the Approval Wizard, which the user should then complete. Note that the Location Id in the wizard is only used when generating a new Work Order and PO's for the Work Order - if you write to the source Work Order, its Location Id is not changed or blanked.

Approval Wizard - Specify Default Status for WO Tech Lines

The following registry option will default in a Tech log type status code to the wizard:

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: ApprovalWizardDefaultTechStatus Setting Value a valid status

If this registry entry is not found the default will be 'quote approved'.

If the user elects to create a New Work Order, the ApprovalWizardDefaultTechStatus option is only used to set the Tech Status on lines for the NEW WO: the current Tech Statuses for the source WO will not be changed. If the user elects to write back to an existing Work Order,  the ApprovalWizardDefaultTechStatus option provides the default Tech Status for all Tech lines listed on the Technicians screen.

Approval Wizard - Log Approval Wizard Entries

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key:  LogQMWizard  Setting Values: true

When implemented, the system will generate a log of the values selected  (system defaults or user-selected) when the Quotemaster Wizard is run (regardless of whether or not the posts are successful).  This option is designed to assist support in resolving questions involving user entries in the wizard. The log will be written to the folder defined by the dbreportfiles registry option.

The file name of the log file will be of the form: WizardLogForQuote_QuoteId_Date_Time

Use Crystal Quote

By default, clicking the Print Quote button will complete the Report Id field if it is blan. But users running Crystal Reports Quote Form want the Report Id to be blank so that it can run a third party app. This release supports a registry key to override the default behavior. When this is set to true the Quote will allow blanks in the Report Id to allow Crystal Reports to run.

Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr
Setting Key: UseCrystalQuote  Setting Value: true (default false)

Update Source Work Order when Quote is Created

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: AutoUpdateWOTechStatus Setting Value: WaitCustApprvl

This option concerns the lead workorder (referenced on the Main tab of the Quote viewer). By default, the status of the Technicians on the Work Order Technician Tab is not affected when the work order is used to generate a Quote. However, by implementing this registry setting, when a Quote is saved with a new (or different) Work Order Id in the Main Quote Tab, the system will change the individual Technician Statuses to WaitCustApprvl, which may also impact the Work Order Escalation Status.

Ignore Statuses when Updating Source Work Order

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: AutoUpdateWOTechStatusIgnore Setting Value: status1,status2,status3....

where status1 (and so on) is replaced by a valid technician (log type) status. This option instructs the system that technician lines with these statuses should not be updated to WaitCustApprvl as noted in the entry above.


Setting Key: AutoUpdateWOTechStatus Setting Value: WaitCustApprvl

Setting Key: AutoUpdateWOTechStatusIgnore Setting Value: cancelled,billed,tech declined

In this example, if a work order was used to generate a quote, the following would occur when the Quote was saved:

Entries on the Technicians tab for the work order would be set to a status of WaitCustApprvl unless the status was cancelled, billed or tech declined. If the tech status was cancelled, billed or tech declined, the status (log type) on that work order technician line would not be updated.

Default Expiration Date

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: DefaultExpirationDate Setting Value: today+days

When you create a new Quote, this option defaults the Expiration Date to the specified number of days from today.


Setting Key: DefaultExpirationDate Setting Value:today+59

If today’s date is January 23, 2014, the Expiration Date would be set to March 23, 2014 for a new Quote.

Allow a Closed Work Order to be Selected as the Source Work Order

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: AllowClosedWO Setting Value: true

The registry option basically allows the user to reference a Closed WO in the Quote. If this option is not implemented, the Quote viewer's validation code denies use of any WO that has an Escalation Status of Completed, Invoice Ready, Billed, Invoice Review or Credit Hold.  With the new registry entry (AllowClosedWO=true), the list of rejected Escalation Status values is reduced to Credit Hold.

The Quote Approval wizard requires the use of the New WO option when the Quote's main WO is a closed WO. Under no circumstances should the Quote Approval Wizard allow the user to select a closed WO.

Set Source WO on Approval

This value ONLY gets used if during the approval wizard the user chooses to create a new work order and the original (source) work order is not one of the status' specified in the AutoUpdateWOTechStatusIgnore registry value.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: SetSourceWOStatusOnApproval Setting Value valid status


Set WO Equipment Work Requested

By default, information from the quote's Scope of services writes to the WO Equipment Work Performed when the Wizard is run. All Scopes are concatenated, and also written to the WO Work Performed. However, nothing is written to the WO Equipment Work Requested, and this is the information that is shown in New Call.

This option is for the Wizard to also update the WO Equipment Work Requested from the applicable Quote Scope line if Quote’s subcontractor work requested field is blank. If the WO Equipment Work Requested field already contains text, the information from the Scope Tab (scope of services) is added to the existing information.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: SetWOWRFromScope Setting Value: true

If this registry option is implemented, the equipment work requested will be appended with the scope of services field from the quote (unless there is text in the Quote’s subcontractor work requested fields that is used, instead, to update this field).

Update Only the WO Equipment Work Requested, not Work Performed

By default, the Quote Approval Wizard updates the WO Equipment Work Performed from the Scope of Services. This pair of registries entries for Quote Master or Quote Manager results in setting the WO Equipment Work Requested (but NOT the WO Equipment Work Performed) then the Approval Wizard is run.

Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: SetONLYtheWOWRFromScope  Setting Value: true (default false)

Setting Key: SetWOWRFromScope Setting Value: false   

Note that SetWOWRFromScope MUST be set to false to enable this functionality.

Set Qty Billed to Zero for Zero Dollar Fixed Fee Quote Lines

When creating fixed fee quotes, the WO detail generated from the Approval Wizard will have a Qty Bill on all of the lines. Lines with a Qty Bill will appear on the invoice even though they are not marked as extra.  The following registry may be enabled to set the Qty Bill to zero on Fixed Fee lines that are not flagged as when the Quote Master Wizard posts to the Work Order. Note that this registry is enabled in the Work Order’s Registry, not the Quote’s.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vwrkordr 

Setting Key: FFQtyBillZero  Setting Value: true (default false, preserve current behavior)

Run Approval Wizard When Quote is Saved (old behavior)

If you want to run the approval Wizard when the record is saved you must enter this registry. This was the default in earlier versions of SAMPro.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: RunWizardAfterSavingQuote Setting Value: true

If this option is not entered the user will set one or more scopes to ‘Approved’, save the Quote, and then click the Approval Wizard button to run the wizard.

‘Pop’ Site Notes without Prompting the User

When you begin to add a Quote in Quote Master, the system will now ask if you wish to view the Notes associated with the Site you selected (either directly or by choosing a source Work Order). The following registry options may be used to alter this behavior:

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: SiteNotesNoPrompt Setting Value: true

This entry changes the default behavior of Quote Master – which is to prompt the user to view any notes that are associated with the selected Client Site when a new Quote is being created. If you implement this option, Quote Master will automatically display the list of notes with a Client Site is selected (either directly or by choosing a source Work Order).

Suppress Site Notes when Creating a Quote

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: nonotes Setting Value: true

This entry changes the default behavior of Quote Master and suppresses the display of Site Notes when a Quote is being created. This restores the behavior present in version 7.2 and earlier.

Launch Report Quote Recap WO After Approval Wizard Runs

The following registry will cause the Quote Approval wizard to auto-launch a report that includes instructions for the Tech (from the Scope of Services) and a recap of Charges (dollar amounts not included) and PO's generated. The report range screen includes both the Quote Id and the Work Order Id as range fields; both of these two fields are pre-loaded with the appropriate values coming from the wizard.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vwrkordr   (note setting is on the Work Order, not Quote Registry)

Setting Key: ProduceQuoteRecapReport   Setting Value: true

Report Quote Recap WO (RQTERCPWO.rpt)

This report must be installed and assigned to the appropriate User Groups.  

Note: this report may be also be run manually. Only Quoted which have been posted to a Work Order will appear on the report.  If a Quote has posted to more that one Work Order, specifying only the Quote Id on the Report Range will result in all Quote/WO combinations appearing on the report.

Registry Id: sys-report-rqtercpwo

If you wish to have this report saved as a document on the Work Order and Quote records, a registry setting for this report must be established. The following options will save the report  when it is displayed, and set the Document to Tech Viewable. The report will be saved as a PDF (so that it can be viewed it from TechAnywhere).

Setting Key: autosavedirectory  Setting Value: pathToDirectory

Setting Key: autosavefilename   Setting Value: ^sectionkeyvalue^_^date^_^time^

The sectionkeyvalue in this report consists of the quote and work order id.

Setting Key: autosave   Setting Value: true

Setting Key: autosavebysection  Setting Value: true

Setting Key: autosavefiletype Setting Value: PDF

Setting Key: ViewableTech  Setting Value: true

Registry to Relax Credit Hold Processing

In Version 9.0.572.017, Credit Hold processing was tightened up so that if either the Days Credit Hold or Credit Limit set on the Client are exceeded, a new Work Order generated by the Wizard would be put on Credit Hold.

The following registry allows the user to return to the old default behavior so that a new Work Order is ONLY put on Credit Hold if the Site or Client is flagged as Credit Hold. The Client's Credit Limit and Days Credit Hold will be ignored.

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: IgnoreCreditHoldDaysLimit  Setting Value: true (default false)

Registry To Write Source WO's User Fields to New Work Order

With the following registry enabled, when the Approval Wizard is run, the contents of the source Work Order's User fields will be written to the new Work Order (when that option is selected).

Id: sys-viewer-vqtemngr

Setting Key: CopyWOUserFields Setting Value: true (default is false)