Registry Record Billing Adjustments



Related Registry:

Registry for Start Compute GMP Special Revenue.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-viewer-srcrdbllngadjstmts

Restart Function After Save

The following registry automatically restarts Record Billing Adjustments when a record is saved.

Id: sys-viewer-srcrdbllngadjstmt

Setting Key: ReopenViewerWhenRecordWritten    Setting Value: true   (default is false)

If this option is enabled, clicking the red X on the Job Id input screen closes Record Billing Adjustments so that is does not reopen.

Deny Selection of Ready to Post in Record Billing Adjustments

When enabled, this registry denies selection of 'Ready to Post' in Record Billing Adjustments (the Job Invoice Viewer). This registry is strongly recommended to prevent users from posting an invoice without having produced a printed copy. It should always be implemented if autosave is enabled.
 Id: sys-viewer-srcrdbllngadjstmts

Setting Key: DenyReadyToPost   Setting Value: true  (default false)

Specify Job Cost Code Id for GMP Rev Adjustments

Setting Key: DefaultGMPCostCode  Setting Value: Record Id for Rev Adjustment
The Setting value must specify the Id for all Job Cost Code records used for GMP Revenue Adjustments used to account for Over Contract transactions (but not the fees themselves).

For GMP Contract type billing, these Job Cost Code records should reference the Billing Item used to show the Over Contract entry on the AIA invoice (requires specific AIA report).

For GMP SoV type billing the Billing Item does not need to be entered. A new GMP tab has also been added to the Job Cost Code record.