Registry Report Customer Statement

Zero Balance Statements Text

The revised report (RCUSTSTMNTv80b048.rpt) dated 2016-08-26  includes a Print Zero Balance Statements? option. Flagging this field enables the user to print a zero balance statement for the selected client or clients on this report.  Clients with a total outstanding dollar balance in AR History equal to zero will be included on the report, subject to the setting of the other ranges. The following option controls the text that appears when a zero balance statement shows on the report. By default, 'Zero Dollar Statement' will appear. The following registry overrides this default.

Id: sys-report-rcuststmnt  

Setting Key: ZeroBalanceText

Setting Value: Text to appear on report    (100 Character Maximum)

Include PDF'd Invoices

The report (RCUSTSTMNTv80b048.rpt) dated 2016-04-21 supports an option to include the PDF'd invoices referenced on the statement as part the PDF version of the statement report. Both job/service based invoices (document category INVOICE) and COP Invoices (document category COPINVOICE) will be included.

If invoices were not originally saved as PDF's, the Start Document Archive Maintenance function may be used to convert these document types to PDF.

Important:  Only the PDF'd Statement Includes the Attachments
The .dbr version of the Customer Statement will not display the attached invoices; it will however include a list of attached files. Only the PDF'd version of this report will include the 'package' of invoice attachments.

Required File:

A whitesquare.bmp file (available from support) should be added to the directory where your bitmap graphics are stored.

Required Registry:

Id: sys-report-rcuststmnt  

Setting Key: IncludeInvoiceDocuments   Setting Value: Y    (default N)

This option is required to implement the new ' invoice package' functionality.

Setting Key: sectionbackerbitmap   Setting Value: Pathname\whitesquare.bmp

This registry is recommended to prevent the invoice bitmap from 'stepping on' the attached documents. The bitmap may be obtained from support. Note that ONLY the bmp version of this file should be installed.

Additional Registries:

This reports support auto emailing.  The appropriate registry entries should be made to implement this functionality if invoice documents are included:

Setting Key: emailbysection  Setting Value: true

Setting Key: autoemail  Setting Value: true  

The Client's Collections email will be displayed on the report if it is emailed.