Registry Report Lien Waiver Partial


The following settings are recommended for this report. If this report is set to autosave via registry, it will be attached to the applicable Job, Vendor and Check records. Click Report Lien Waiver Partial for additional information about the report.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-report-RLNWVRPRTL

Setting Key: autosave  Setting Value: true

Setting Key:  autosavefiletype   Setting Value: pdf

Setting Key: autosavebysection   Setting Value: true

Setting Key: autosavefilename   Setting Value: ^sectionkeyvalue^,Partial

When the report is saved, the ^sectionkeyvalue^ token will generate the Job Id followed by the Check Number. The literal Partial will distinguish Partial from Final Waivers.

Setting Key: autosavedirectory  Setting Value: full path to directory for Lien Waivers

Setting Key: bitmap   Setting Value: pull path to bitmap for partial waivers