Registry Report PR Worksheet


The PR Worksheet report is designed to be run after Compute Payroll has been run for the specified Payroll Period, but before the Payroll Checks have been printed.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-report-rprwrks

Option to Default the Report's FICA MC Wage Threshold Field

If the newer 9.1 functionality is in effect to support the automatic computation of FICA MCAD tax this registry is not needed.

The Additional Medicare Tax statute requires U.S. employers to withhold Additional Medicare Tax on wages it pays to an employee in excess of $200,000 in a calendar year. For SAMPro users, this requires adding the FICA MCAD Tax Table to an Employee's Tax tab when he/she is projected to exceed $200,000 in the next payroll (NOT before).  When this field is completed, the following warning will appear in the report in red, bold text:

*** YTD FICA MC WAGES OF $ (employee's wages) HAVE EXCEEDED THE WAGE THRESHOLD of $ (value entered on input field) ***

A registry option may be used to set the report's FICA MC Wage Threshold input field to either the $200,000 or a lesser value (to provide a warning before the next paycheck or bonus is generated).  

Setting Key: InitialValueFor~p_fica_wge_thrshhld   Setting Value: threshold amount

This Setting Value should be set to the default threshold amount for the report. For example,

Setting Value: 180000  (to display the warning BEFORE computed pay exceeds the US government threshold)

Setting Value: 200000  (to display when computed pay exceeds the US government threshold)