Registry Report Quote Form (sys-report-rqtefrm)


Set defaults for the standard quote form.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.

Related Registry Entries:

See Report Graphics for information on specifying custom graphics on your quote form.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-report-rqtefrm

See the Registry Viewer Standard Hierarchy section for additional Id formats if specific branches, securities, user groups or users need to override the main registry entry.

Override Bitmap by Site's Account Manager, Service Manager, Dispatcher or Branch

SAMPro provides special registry setting keys for sys-report-rqtefrm that provide additional bitmap control over and above that provided by the report registry hierarchy. When printing Quotes, the system will look at the Client Site record referenced in the Quote to find the appropriate record id to check for an override id match. If it is referenced in the registry, the override bitmap will be used. If an override bitmap is NOT specified, the system will use the standard bitmap (Setting Key: bitmap) specified in the registry.  Note that this functionality applies only to the main bitmap, not the sectionbackerbitmap.

It your firm has multiple registry entries (e.g., by Security, Branch, Users, etc.) the additional registry override options must be added to each registry record.

The revised version of Report Quote Form (RQTEFRMv73b102.rpt) dated 9/15/2014 or later AND SAMPro Version 8.2.545.049 or higher are required to implement this functionality:

Id: sys-report-rqtefrm

Setting Key: BitmapOverrideBasedOn    Setting Value: FieldInClientSite

This option turns on the override behavior, and defines which record in the Client Site will be used to define the bitmap override. Valid values are:


Setting Key: FieldInClientSite~RecordId  Setting Value: sharepath\bitmap.bmp

This entry defines matches the override with the bitmap.  One entry needs to be created for each override bitmap. The Setting Key defines the field and individual record Id; the Setting Value defines the bitmap.  

Example:  Use the Client Site's Account Manager to Specify the Override

In this example, assume that Jean,Tim, Joe and Sarah are account managers. Jean and Tim need special overrides; Joe and Sarah do not.

Id: sys-report-rqtefrm

Setting Key: BitmapOverrideBasedOn    Setting Value: accountmanager

Turns on the override.

Setting Key: AccountManager~Tim  Setting Value: sharepath\Tim_invoice.bmp

Setting Key: AccountManager~Jean  Setting Value: sharepath\Jean_invoice.bmp

Specifies the override for Quotes for Client Sites with Tim or Jean as Account Managers.

Setting Key: bitmap    Setting Value: sharepath/Company_invoice.bmp

Provides the default bitmap for Account Managers Joe and Sarah, and for Quotes generated for Client Sites without an Account Manager specified.

Bitmap Override by Job

The revised Report Quote Form (RQTEFRMv90b035.rpt) dated 2018-05-14 supports the new bitmap override by Job functionality; the Quote must specify a header Job for this functionality. Note that this functionality only applies to the bitmap, not the sectionbackerbitmap.

Registry Id: sys-report-rqtefrm

Setting Key:  BitmapOverrideBasedOn   Setting Value: job

This registry entry defines that this override is based on a user field in the quote's Job record.

Setting Key: BitmapOverrideField  Setting Value: job user database field

This registry entry specifies exactly Job User field will provide the override for the base 'Setting Key: bitmap'.  The database field name must be specified.

For example, the following specifies the Job's User 3 field:

Setting Key: BitmapOverrideField  Setting Value: jb_usr3

Setting Key: Job~string   Setting Value: path\bitmap.bmp

This entry provide the override bitmap file that will be used if the Job record's User field defined above contains the string specified. Notice that a tilde (~) separates Job from the string. As many of these entries may be made as needed to support the various bitmaps.


Suppose that we have a bitmap file named 010101_quote.bmp that should be used on quotes associated with Job's having the following text string 010101 in Job User 3 fields.

Setting Key: Job~010101  Setting Value: path\010101_quote.bmp

Tip: Include the part of the bitmap name as the text string for clarity.

Tip: Including the appropriate values in your job templates will ensure that new jobs are created properly. In addition, using the Custom Fields functionality to specify the allowed values will prevent inappropriate values from being entered.

Set Omit Declined Options to Yes

The Report Quote Form, RQTEFRM.rpt  includes the checkbox, Omit Declined Options. When flagged, Declined scope options will not appear in the printed Quoted and quote total.

The following registry may be used to flag the Omit Declined Options box (default is for the box to be clear to preserve current behavior).

Setting Key: initialValueFor~p_omt_dclnd_optns
Setting Value: true

Set Omit Approved Options to Yes

The revised Report Quote Form, RQTEFRM.rpt, dated 5/1/2012 includes a checkbox, Omit Approved Options. When flagged, Approved scope options will not appear in the printed Quoted and quote total. The following registry may be used to flag the Omit Approved Options box (default is for the box to be clear to preserve current behavior).

Setting Key: initialValueFor~p_omt_apprvd_optns
Setting Value: true

Prevent Print Confirmation / Record Locking

Answering ‘yes’ to the Print confirmation results in the system setting the status of the Scopes to Printed. The Quote Scope lines are also locked until the user confirms the print. If this locking causes problems in your system, this option provides a solution. This entry prevents the confirmation prompt from appearing.  In other words, and treats the print as though the user answered NO without actually prompting for their response. The Quote will not be set to printed, but locking issues will be avoided.

Setting Key: PrintConfirmationDisabled Setting Value: true

Important Archiving Note:
If the above registry option is enabled, the autosavewhenprinted registry option will NOT work because the user never confirms the print. The autosave option should be used instead if the archiving of this report is desired.