Registry Report Quote Recap


Sectionkey support was added to the Report Quote Recap dated 2015-08-11; the Quote Id is the sectionkey. This enhancement supports the generation/saving of this report in CRMAnywhere in SAMPro Version 9.0 and above. The appropriate registry entries must be made to support this functionality. The first two options are required for CRMAnywhere; the remaining to archive the report in SAMPro.

Related Registries:

For an option to automatically run this report when the Quote Approval Wizard is run: Launch Report Quote Recap WO after the Approval Wizard Runs.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-report-rqtercp

Setting Key: autosavefilename  Setting Value: QuoteRecap,^sectionkeyvalue^-,^date^

Setting Key: autosavebysection  Setting Value: true

Setting Key: autosave    Setting Value: true

Setting Key: autosaveoverwrite   Setting Value: true

Setting Key: autosavedirectory   Setting Value: pathtodirectory

Setting Key: autosavefiletype    Setting Value: PDF or DBReport