Registry Fleetmatics (SageQuest)


Controls the mapping statuses between SAMPro and Fleetmatics / SageQuest, enables logging, specifies drivers, and more.

Related Registries:

Global Setting Entry: Update Sagequest Entries Regardless of Date Scheduled

Important Fields:

Id: sys-mapping-sagequest   


Setting Key: enabled Setting Value: yes or no

The Fleetmatics / SageQuest Server will be enabled unless the Setting Value is set to no.

Map Statuses between SAM Pro and Fleetmatics / SageQuest

This purpose of these settings is to provide a complete cross-reference between the SAM Pro log type statuses and the Fleetmatics / SageQuest statuses. A registry export file is available from support for the initial settings of these options; it is strongly recommended that you use the registry import feature to initially set these values.

Setting Key: StatusCodeMapping 

Setting Value: LogtypeId : codeForMap : DescForMap : ValidSageQuestStatusType

Note: Valid SageQuest Status Types
Open, InProcess, Complete, Closed, Canceled, Suspended, None


Setting Key: StatusCodeMapping
Setting Value: onsite : On-Site : On Site : InProcess

Setting Key: StatusCodeMapping
Setting Value: waiting parts : Wait Parts : Waiting Parts : Suspended

Important: A registry file is available from support to use for the initial settings of these options. It is strongly recommended that you use the registry import feature to initially set these values.


The following options implement logging for Fleetmatics/ Sagequest. If enabled, it will log all of the transactions that are sent to Fleetmatics/SageQuest though the SQServer program.

Setting Key: logmode Setting Value: on (default is off; no logging)

Setting Key: logpath Setting Value: path\sqLog.txt


 Setting Key: logmode Setting Value: on

 Setting Key: logpath Setting Value: \\myserver\sampro\SQ\sqLog.txt

Specifying Technicians as Drivers

Setting Key: drivers Setting Value: techid1,techid2, …


 Setting Key: drivers Setting Value: BBragg, CWheel, DGray

This list can also be retrieved from Fleetmatics / SageQuest via “Start Get Valid Drivers From Sage Quest.

Treat Listed Technicians as Unassigned

Sometimes users create "fictitious" techs to use as place holders for unassigned work orders. For example, users put a tech called PM on their D-Boards and park the PM Work Orders there for later assignment. Since the tech "PM" isn't a valid Fleetmatics / SageQuest driver the work order wouldn't show on the Fleetmatics / SageQuest map. This registry setting will cause any tech listed to be handled just like the work order had no tech assigned to it. Since SageQuest displays unassigned work orders, these work orders would show up with a blank tech id.

This registry option will allow a user to specify a list of tech id's that Fleetmatics / SageQuest will treat the same as it treats un-assigned work orders.

Setting Key: TreatAsUnassignedTech Setting Value: list of techs


Setting Key: TreatAsUnassignedTech Setting Value: PM

Fleetmatics / SageQuest – Garmin Support

Fleetmatics / SageQuest has functionality on their system which allows interaction with a Garmin GPS device installed into the customer’s vehicles. This registry option is needed to support these SQServer application functions:

CreateStopForWorkorder(workorderId) – This function identifies the driver from the workorder, the vehicle from the driver, creates a ‘Stop’ based on workorder’s contents, and sends the Stop to the vehicle’s Garmin. Actually, all these steps are performed at SageQuest. SQServer just forwards the workorder Id to them.

Getstopsforvehicle(clientVehicleId) – This function answers a list of Stops currently assigned to the indicated vehicle.

Under certain circumstances, SAMPro will need to call CreateStopForWorkorder() to upload the stop to the workorder’s vehicle. This is implemented when the following registry option is enabled.

Add this registry setting to implement GPS Stops

Setting Key: GPSStopStatuses Setting Value: list of statuses separated by commas


 Setting Key: GPSStopStatuses Setting Value: onsite,scheduled,quote approved

When a work order tech line enters any of these log types, CreateStopForWorkorder() is to be called to generate the stop.