Registry Sales Tax Update (Avalara)

IMPORTANT: Avalara Users
Formatting configurations within the Avalara import files for certain states may require manual updates to Sales Tax Authorities/Groups following the update. Please contact your support rep before running Start Sales Tax Update (Avalara).


Configures the Start Sales Tax Update (Avalara) function.

Related Registries:

If you import Sales Tax data from Avalara, also see Registry Sales Tax Group and Registry Sales Tax Authority for registries to prevent or warn if imported data will be changed or deleted.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-start-sslstxupdte

Specify Tax Rules by State

The following settings may be used to specify the tax rules by state for Tax Groups generated by Avalara.  These registry settings trump the input options on the start function.

Setting Key: stateid~TaxSubcontract   Setting Value:  Y or  N

Setting Key: stateid~TaxMaterial   Setting Value:  Y or  N

Setting Key: stateid~TaxOther   Setting Value:  Y or  N

Example: (for California)
Setting Key: CA~TaxSubcontract   Setting Value: Y

Set the Labor Tax Selection by State

The following registry setting can be used to set state-specific rules for Labor. This registry setting trumps the user input in the Labor Tax Selection field of the starter function.

Setting Key: stateid~TaxLaborSelect   Setting Value:  Tax Labor or Use AvalaraRule

If there is no registry entry (or if the Setting Value is Use AvalaraRule) the system will use the Avalara Rules to determine if Labor is taxable when the Tax Group is generated.

If the Setting Value of Tax Labor is implemented, the Tax Labor flag will be set in the Sales Tax Group. Note that there is a space between Sales and Tax in the Setting Value.

If there is a registry setting that has the setting value of ANYTHING other than "Tax Labor" or "Use AvalaraRule", it will NOT set the Tax Labor on the Group.

Specify GL Account by State

This setting allows you to specify the Tax Authority's sales tax liability account to be credited.

Setting Key: stateid~GLAccount   Setting Value: GL Account Id

Example (for California)
Setting Key:  CA~GLAccount   Setting Value: 5100