Registry Security Overrides

Block Users from Seeing Records with Specific Security

This registry allows the user to set restrictions for a security(ies) to be hidden as a global registry. Typically this could be implemented for Intercompany installations where only certain users would be allowed to access one or more companies. User specific registries (sys-security-overrides-branchid-userid or sys-security-overrides--userid) would then be enabled (without the block or sql options) to allow specific users access to the blocked security(ies).

Id: sys-security-overrides

Setting Key: blocked  Setting Value: List of Security Id's that cannot be accessed


To Block Records with Security Id 01 and 02 globally:

Id: sys-security-overrides

Setting Key: blocked    Setting Value: 01,02

To allow user BBragg to see everything:

Id: sys-security-overrides- - BBragg

Setting Key:   Setting Value:    (no values at as specified)


Id: sys-security-overrides

Setting Key: sql   Setting Value: sql snippet

This option incorporates a standard sql snippet into the standard security filtering. Only column names from the Security (scrty) table may be referenced.

Example: Records with Security Id's that begin with 0 cannot be accessed:

Setting Key: sql   Setting Value: scrty_id not like '0%'