Registry Service Channel PIN (sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel-pin)


This registry entry supports multi-company certificates for uploaded invoices.

Related Registry Options:

In add to the multi-company entries discussed in this topic, the base Registry Service Channel entry must also be implemented.


Invoices are uploaded to ServiceChannel by sending them an email with an attached spreadsheet. For each work order, the spreadsheet includes a userId and a password. Previously, the userId and password are derived from the Sampro Registry sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel, supporting only a single userId and password contained in the registry entry. This results in the sending of the same userId/password pair for every work order regardless of the Sampro 'company'.

This procedure has been enhanced so that userId/password used is dependent on the corresponding work order. This release provides a mechanism for implementing multiple userId/Password pairs when uploading invoices to ServiceChannel. The technique used is to provide for PIN based overrides in the Sampro ‘sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel’ registry entry.

It work likes this:
•    The entire registry entry is retrieved from the Sampro Registry for the ‘sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel’ key as usual.
•    The entire registry entry is retrieved from the Sampro Registry for the ‘sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel-pin-XXXX’ key (where ‘XXXX’ is the pin identified by the work order).
•    The two entries are merged. Where there are duplicate entries, the second pin based registry takes precedence.

To implement the correct userId/password uploading for multi-company users, you must create a ‘sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel-pin-XXXX’ for each company’s pin. The only lines required are the InvoiceUID and InvoicePWD lines. For single company users, the invoiceUID and InvoicePWD lines can remain in the normal 'sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel' registry entry.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel-pin-XXXX

Where XXXX is replaced by the PIN provided by Service Channel. Note that individual registry entries must be created for all applicable PIN’s.

Required Settings for Multi-Company Use:

Setting Key: InvoiceUID  Setting Value: User Id provided by Service Channel

Setting Key: InvoicePIN  Setting Value: IVRPINNumber

The value of this setting should the IVR PIN Number used by your company.

Customer and Store Id Overrides

Setting Key: StoreId  Setting Value: provided by Service Channel

Setting Key: CustomerId  Setting Value: provided by Service Channel

StoreId and CustomerId values are needed when sending messages to ServiceChannel. These entries may be used to override the corresponding values in the sys-fmms-vendor-servicechannel registry.