Registry Specify Site WO Other Lines on Work Orders

This Registry may be used to specify which lines from the Site WO Other Tab should be added based is the Work Order's Service Category. This registry is currently supported by SAMPro's New Call, Project Work Order Generator and Work Orders generated by TechAnywhere.  

Id: sys-behavior-ClientSiteWOOther

Setting Key: OtherRateId   Setting Value: ExceptFor:servicecategory1,servicecatory2,...


Setting Key: OtherRateId   Setting Value: OnlyFor:servicecategory1,servicecatory2,...

In this registry, the Setting Key is the Other Rate Id.  The Setting Value specifies the option (OnlyFor: or ExceptFor:) followed by a list of the Service Categories the Other Rate pertains to. If an Other Rate if not defined in this registry, it will continue to be added to Work Orders to maintain default behavior.

The OnlyFor: option defines which Work Orders (by Service Category) will have will have a Work Order Other line generated from the Site's WO Other tab.

The ExceptFor: option is used to specify Service Categories should be excluded from this line.


Setting Key: Trip1   Setting Value: OnlyFor:HVAC,REFRIG,PLUMBING

Setting Key: Trip2   Setting Value: OnlyFor:UTILITY,NETWORK

Setting Key  Truck   Setting Value:ExceptFor: NETWORK

In this example, a Site could include the Trip1, Trip2 and Truck Other Rates.  However, the Service Category of the Work Order would determine which would be added to the Work Order Other tab.


Service Category: HVAC  - Other Rates Lines: Trip1 and Truck

Service Category: NETWORK - Other Rate Line: Trip2