Registry Start Compute Overtime


This registry specifies which overhead Job / Cost Code / Cost Category get the Overtime Premium charge based on the Employee's Branch.  A registry entry must be created for each Branch.


In Version 9.0 and above, Branches are not required for this function. However, if Branches are enabled and you wish to specify the Overhead Job by Branch, the corresponding sys-start-scmpteovrtme-branchid registry entries must be generated in order for this function to be run. The employee's branch is used to determine which job / costcode / costcategory gets the OT Premium charge, regardless of which direct jobs were charged originally.  

Additional Registries:

See Compute Overtime - No Checks Printed or Posted for details/additional registries for computing overtime when checks will not be generated.

Important Fields:

Registry Id:   sys-start-scmpteovrtme


Setting Key: JobId   Setting Value: ValidOHJobId

ValidOHJobId must reference a valid Job with its Overhead flag set to be used when Overtime entries are generated this function.

Setting Key: CostCodeId  Setting Value:  ValidOHCostCodeId

ValidOHCostCodeId must reference the Job Cost Code Id (belonging to the Overhead Job referenced in the previous entry) to be used when Overtime entries are generated this function.

Setting Key: CostCatId   Setting Value:  ValidCostCategoryForOHLabor

ValidOHCostCodeId must reference the Labor type Cost Category to be used when Overtime entries are generated this function. It is recommended that its Job Use be set to Indirect.  Finally, the GL Expense Account must be completed in this Cost Category in order for the GL side of the Overtime Adjustments to work.

Setting Key: RegPayTypeId  Setting Value: ValidPayTypeId

Specify the Pay Type Id to be used when creating the special overtime Labor Journals created for the reclassification from regular to overtime.

Setting Key: OTPayTypeId  Setting Value: ValidPayTypeId

This registry entry defines which Overtime Pay Type which will be used for the entries generated by this function.

Setting Key: AccruedPayrollGLAccountId  Setting Value: glaccountid

Registry Entries for Compute Payroll to Support Compute Overtime

Id: sys-compute-payroll

Setting Key:  AllocateOTPremium    Setting Value: true  

This entry is required to enable distribution of the OT Premium to the various non-overhead jobs when Compute Payroll is run.

Setting Key: AllocatedOTPremiumDescription  Setting Value: Allocated OT Premium

This registry specifies the description used by the system when the overhead premium is distributed by Compute Payroll.

Setting Key: OTHoursExceeded Setting Value: warning