Registry Start Create Job Scheduler WOs


This registry entry configures the Start Create Job Scheduler WOs function. See Job Scheduler Overview for additional details.

Related Registries:

See the Job Registry for the entries needed to Enable the WO Creator Tab and to Limit the Techs allowed on the WO Creator Tab.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-start-scrtjbschdlrwo

Specify Default Tech Status

To set the WO Tech status to something other than the default 'Pending' for these Work Orders set this registry item.

Setting Key: JobSchedulerWOTechStatus  Setting Value: tech status

Where tech status is replaced by the technician status to be used when the Work Order is created.

Default Work Order Name from Job Id - Cost Code Id

Setting Key:  JobIdCostIdforWOName  Setting Value: true  (default is false)

When Work Orders are created, this option generates the Work Order Name from the Job Id and Job Cost Code Id separated by a hyphen. For example,  for Job Id 1643453 and Job Cost Code Id HVAC the Work Order Name would be generated as 1643453-HVAC. If this registry is not set, the Work Order Name will be blank.

Disable the Default Call Script

Setting Key: DisableDefaultCallScript  Setting Value: true (default is false)

When set to true, the Work Order's Closing Call Script (on the Other Info tab) be blank; it will NOT be set from the Site's WO Closing Call Script field.

Set the Default WO PO from the Job record

Setting Key:  DefaultPO  Setting Value: true  (default is false)

This setting causes the new WO's PO Number to default from the Job's PO Number.