Registry Start Create Rental Billing


This registry configures the Start Create Rental Billing function that is used to generate rental billings associated with Assets as a Rental Invoice type Work Order. Rental billings are defined by the presence of an Asset Id on the Client Site PM Billing Tab. Unlike PM invoices, the Rental revenue is written to the WO-Other Tab, not the WO-RevAdjust Tab.

Related Registries:

See Default PM GL Accounts for a Global Settings option which provides default GL Accounts for the system to use if the corresponding fields on the Client Site PM Billing tab are blank when Start Create Rental Billing is run.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-start-scrterntlbllng

See the Standard Registry section in Registry Viewer for additional Registry Id formats to allow entries for specific Users, Branches, Security, or User Groups to override the main entry.

Specify Cost Category on Rental Invoice Work Orders

Setting Key: CostCategory Setting Value: costcategoryid

where costcategoryid is replaced with the cost category that should default to the Other tab of the Rental Invoice Work Order. This option is required for consolidated (no line item detail for each asset) invoices.

Specify Technician for Rental Invoice Work Order

Setting Key: TechId Setting Value: techid

where techid is replaced with a valid Technician Id. Typically, this option would be implemented in conjunction with Escalation Management and a ‘billing clerk’ technician.

Specify Work Code for PM Invoice Work Orders

Setting Key: WorkCode Setting Value: workcodeid

Specifies a valid work code Id for all Rental Invoice work orders. If this line is omitted, the work code field will be blank.

Specify Escalation Profile for Rental Invoice Work Order

Setting Key: EscalationProfileId Setting Value: escalationprofileid

where escalationprofileid is replaced with a valid Escalation Profile Id. If implemented. An escalation profile would typically be used to alert the billing clerk (or other appropriate individuals) that Rental Invoice work orders exists and should be invoiced via Compute Service Invoice.

Specify Invoice Description

Setting Key: InvoiceDescription Setting Value: description

Replace description with a brief description to print on this invoice if the Invoice Description is blank on the Site's PM Billing Tab.