Registry Start Generate Purchase Orders

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-start-sgnrteprchseordrs

Start Generate PO Shipping Address

This option allows the user to fine-tune the ship-to address on purchase order created via the Start Generate Purchase Order function.

Setting Key: sqlshipToStockLocation   Setting Value: SQL Select List

The SQL Select List defines which fields from the Location will be inserted into the corresponding fields in the Purchase Order Ship To address. The select list MUST include all seven columns necessary to construct the ship-to address as follows:

    1. street address line 1
    2. street address line 2
    3. street address line 3
    4. street address line 4
    5. city
    6. state
    7. zip code

If you will not be using all of the address lines, you may include a blank ‘ ‘ in the select list. Token replacement for ^companyname^ is also supported.  ^companyname^ will be replaced by the contents of the companyname registry when the shipping address is defaulted.


This example uses the ^companyname^ token replacement to set the first line of the address, and skips the fourth line of the street address by specifying a blank ‘ ‘.

sqlShipToStockLocation='^companyname^', lctn_addrss_shp_addrss_strt, lctn_addrss_shp_addrss_strt_2, ' ', lctn_addrss_shp_addrss_cty, lctn_addrss_shp_addrss_stte, lctn_addrss_shp_addrss_zp