Registry Start Import Inventory Adjustments


This registry is used by both Start Import IM Adjustments and Start Import IM Adjustments (Automated).

Id: sys-start-simprtimadjstmnt

Importing from a Database Table:

Setting Key: UseDataBase   Setting Value: true (default is false)  

Use this if you will be importing the entries from a database table.

Importing from a Spreadsheet:

Setting Key: csvfile   Setting Value: filename

Specifies the filename to import. This option is required for Start Import IM Adjustments (Automated).

Setting Key: importDirectory   Setting Value: directory with import file

Specifies the default directory containing the import file. If an import fails, the system will also use this directory to deposit the failed entry information. This option is required for Start Import IM Adjustments (Automated) and recommended for Start Import IM Adjustments.

Email Failed Records:

Setting Key: email-to   Setting Value: email address

Setting Value: email-from  Setting Value: email address

The system will automatically email failed record information to the email-to address if the above options are set. Note that both the email-to and email-from entries must be set.