Registry Vendor Viewer

Id: sys-viewer-vvndr

Specify Vendor Email Field for EFT / AFT Direct Deposit Processing

This required registry defines which email address (or the hierarchy of addresses) which will be used to email vendors their payment notification.


Setting Key: EmailEFTReportTo

Setting Value: Email1,Email2,Contact1,Contact2  (will look in these fields in this order)

Note that Email1 and Email2 reference the Email Address1 and Email Address2 on the Vendor's Contacts (parent) tab. Contact1 and Contact2 reference the Email Address in the Contact 1 and 2 address blocks on the Vendor Contacts (parent) tab.


Setting Value: Contact1 (only look in the Vendor Contact 1 field)

Or a list of 1-3 of the Email fields, in the order they should be used.

Disable Vendor EFT Fields if EFT/AFT Processing is Not Enabled

NOTE: If the AP EFT functionality is NOT implemented, you may wish to disable these fields via registry to prevent users from inadvertently entering data and triggering the EFT functionality.

Setting Key: disabledFieldsParent  Setting Value: vndr.eft-bnk-id-frmttd,vndr.eft-accnt-nmbr