Registry W2 Printer (sys-printer-w2)


This registry entry specifies the margin adjustments which may be need for alignment. If using the old Report PR W-2s report it must also

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.

Important Note: Printer Requirements for old Report PR W-2s

Your W2 printer must support native PCL 5 or 5c printing: host based or driver-based PCL is not acceptable due to the need to print exact output to the W2 forms. A PCL 5 or PCL 5c driver is also required.

The new Report PR W-2 (Standard) does not require native PCL.

Additional Registry Entries and Record Setup for W-2 Printing

In addition to the registry entries described in Registry Entry Federal and State EIN for the W2 report itself, and for Federal and State EIN information, you must also create Registry Companyname and Registry Companyaddress entries to ensure that the information in W2 box c prints correctly.

If the alignment of the new Report W-3s (Standard) needs separate adjustment, use the  sys-printer-W3 registry to do so.


Successful W2 reporting depends on properly formatted registry entries and tax-related records.  Click W2 Records and Setup to review your records.

W3’s may be printed as a part of the Copy A run. See Registry Entry W2 and W3 Printing for details on entering the required fields for the W3, including the W3 Contact Information boxes.

Important Fields:

This registry entry specifies which printer (named in the Contents field) W2's are sent to.






If the optional branch and user id's are specified in the Id, only W2's for this branch (and user if specified) will be sent to the printer. If this entry is specific to a user, the branch must be specified if a user belongs to a branch. If branches are not implemented, two dashes (not separated by a space) must precede the user id.

Briefly describes this entry (W2 Margins).

Margin Configuration

Setting Key: marginx  Setting Value: n.nn

Setting Key: marginy  Setting Value: n.nn

The optional formats marginx=n.n and marginy=n.n are used for horizontal (marginx) and vertical (marginy) alignment purposes. Note that n.n is entered in centimeters, and is used to specify the offset from the "home" position (the upper left-hand corner of the page). Contact your Data-Basics support representative for further assistance.

Example for the new Report PR W-2s (Standard):

Most printers require negative margin adjustments for the new Report PR W-2s (Standard).  We recommend starting with the following settings and adjust as needed following your alignment print:

Id: sys-printer-w2
Setting Key: marginx  Setting Value: -0.05
Setting Key: marginy  Setting Value:  -0.6

Reminder: Negative margin setting values move the report text closer to the upper left-hand corner.  Setting values without the negative sign move the report text to the right (marginx) and down (marginy).

Specifying the Printer (not required for the new Report PR W-2s (Standard))

Setting Key: printer  Setting Value: printername

where printername is the name of the printer exactly as it is displayed in the printer dialog box that appears when you select a printer in SAM Pro. Please note that this field is upper/lower case sensitive. Also, if network pathing is included on the printer name, make sure that the backslashes are correctly entered.

Example with Network Pathing:

Setting Key: printer Setting Value: \\myownserver\Samsung ML-3050 Series

Setting Key: printer Setting Value: Samsung ML-3050 Series

Bottom of Form (Not Required for new Report PR W-2s (Standard))

Setting Key: marginybottomform Setting Value: 14.0

This option is recommended for specifying the bottom margin edge of the page.


Setting Key: marginx Setting Value:0.3

Setting Key: marginy Setting Value.1

Setting Key: marginybottomform Setting Value: 14.0

Example without Network Pathing:

Setting Key: marginx Setting Value: 0.3

Setting Key: marginy Setting Value: 0.1

Setting Key: marginybottomform Setting Value: 14.0

IMPORTANT: 4 Up Printing Alignment
The 1x4 and Dx4 formats do not align correctly on all printers, even with all required registry settings in place. We strongly recommend doing a TEST PRINT of the 4 up forms on the printer you will print W2's on BEFORE purchasing a full run of these forms. Your TEST PRINT should include at least 8 employees to print 2 forms.  DO NOT use the Plain Paper copy option for alignment purposes.

Option for Partial Year reporting

This registry option enables partial year reporting for the old Report PR W-2s only; the new Report PR W-2s (Standard) does not currently support this functionality. This would be desirable if, for example, your company’s EIN changed mid-year. To enable this functionality, the following option must be added to your sys-report-rW2 registry entry

Setting Key: PartialYearReporting  Setting Value: true

Note: The system sets the Start Date(01/01) and the End Date(12/31) whenever the Year field gets changed. The system will reject attempts to edit the Start Date and the End Date unless this registry entry is set.