Registry W3 Printed Forms


Specify the margin adjustments for Report PR W-3s (Standard). If this registry is absent, the margin adjustments specified by Registry W-2 Printed Forms will be used if this report is run as part of the Copy A functionality.

Also see Registry Entry W2 and W3 Printing for details on entering the required fields for the W3, including the W3 Contact Information boxes.

Important Fields:

The following registry may be used to specify margin adjustments (in cm) on the Report PR W-3s (Standard).  if they are different from the W-2 (if

Id: sys-printer-w3
Setting Key: marginx  Setting Value: n.nn
Setting Key: marginy  Setting Value: n.nn

Most printers require negative margin adjustments for the new Report PR W-3s (Standard).  We recommend starting with the following settings and adjusting as needed following your alignment print:

Id: sys-printer-w3
Setting Key: marginx  Setting Value: -0.05
Setting Key: marginy  Setting Value: -0.72.