Registry WBS (sys-behavior)

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Also see Registry_Job_WBS for other WBS-related options.

Registry to Implement Optional Job Cost Burdening by Cost Code (Fab Shop Burden)

This release modifies the WBS Import function so that when it auto creates WBS Codes (Job Cost Codes) the Hourly Burden will be pre-set based on defaults established in this registry entry (if enabled). The registry allows the setting of default Hourly Burden rates based on a combination of Branch and Discipline.  In addition, this release modifies the posting logic used to create job cost labor and associated G/L accrual entries to support positing of the Hourly Burden to the G/L based on rules set in an Earnings Id specified in the new registry. Default Earning Id’s are based on the specified Branch id’s.

Registry Id:  sys-behavior-CostCodeLaborBurden

Registry Name: Define Use of Cost Code Labor Burden Rates

Setting Key: ApplyCostCodeHourlyBurden  Setting Value: true  

Setting Key: AddPayRateFactor   Setting Value: true

Setting Key: BranchId~DisciplineId    Setting Value: laborburdenrate,EarningId

A separate line for each applicable Branch and Disciple combination should be set up. The Setting Key consists of the Branch Id (from the Job) and the Disciple Id from the Cost Code separated by a tilde (~).

The Setting Values are a combination of the hourly labor burden rate (in dollars) and the special Earnings Id separated by a comma.


Setting Key: Cleveland~HVAC   Setting Value: 35,BurdenHVAC

For every Employee applying time the Cost Code generated with this configuration, a 'virtual' Employee Earnings line is included in the costings calculations. Values from the Earnings record are processed like any other burden-type Earnings line.

Important Notes on Other Registries:

1. The labor rate methodology implemented in the following registry must also be enabled:

Id: sys-ffv-global-settings

Setting Key:  LaborRatesAndAccrualMethod  Setting Value: 7687

2. Other labor rate calculation methodologies must be explicitly disabled.