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Use the Standard Settings in this Registry When Running WO Daily Edit From Dispatch Board

Limit the Number of Work Orders to be Processed

It is possible to inadvertently run this function for many more work orders than the user intended. The following registry entry limits the number of records which may be selected for processing on the Checklist screen.

Registry Id:  sys-start-swrkordrdlyedt

Setting Key: MaxWorkOrderCount    Setting Value: maxnumberofrecordsallowed

We recommend setting this registry to 500 as a starting point. It is possible that firms with extremely large PM runs may need to set this value somewhat higher.

Setting Key: MaxWorkOrderCount    Setting Value: 500

When this registry is enabled and the number of selected lines exceeds the registry setting, the system will display a message similar to the following when the Go button is clicked on the checklist screen:

ERROR: 556 Records have been selected for adjustments.

This process is limited to 500 records.
You must select fewer records before proceeding.

Once the user deselects enough records to meet the limit, clicking the Go button will process the Work Orders.

Always Escalate the Work Order

To enhance the performance of this function, by default it will now escalate the work order only when necessary.  That is, only when either the Technician Id or Work Order Log Type Id gets changed. The following registry (not recommended) may be enable to return the function to it's previous behavior.

Id: sys-start-swrkordrdlyedt

Setting Key: EscalateAlways Setting Value: true (default is false)