Registry for CSRAnywhere (web-settings-csr)


This registry entry enables you to restrict the price levels and inventory locations available from the CSRAnywhere web interface. Note that several options in the web-setting registry entry (for the graphics directory, temporary directory, and prefix appends the text that displays at the top of the browser window).

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Related Registry Entries:

See Registry Entry Client Web Interface for additional graphics options that pertain to CSRAnywhere.

Important Fields:

Id: web-settings-csr

Restrict Inventory Price Level

Setting Key: restrictPriceLevel Setting Value: level,level,level

List the unit pricing levels to restrict from the Inventory Item detail screen. For following example would restrict inventory item pricing levels 2 and 4 from the CSRAnywhere system:

Setting Key: restrictPriceLevel Setting Value: 2,4

Restrict Inventory Location

Setting Key: restrictLocation Setting Value: location1,location2
Where location1,location2, etc., are replaced by the Location IDs you wish to restrict from showing on the Inventory Item detail screen in the CSRAnywhere system.

Default Quote Form

Setting Key: quotereports Setting Value: quotereportid

Specifies the quote report to use when printing reports and saving the quote record. For example, to use the standard quote form:

Setting Key: quotereports Setting Value: rqtefrm


Option to Restrict Inactive Quotes

All quotes for an active lead work order are displayed in/ accessible from CSRAnywhere - including those that have a status category of Inactive. This Registry option may be overridden/implemented in the Web User registry tab.

Setting Key: RestrictInactiveQuotes Setting Value: true, false

The default is false - Quotes with an Inactive Status Category will NOT be restricted from the CSR Manage Quotes page to retain current default behavior. If this option is set to true, quotes with a status category of Inactive will not appear on the Quotes page. Note that the Web Server must be restarted for this option to take effect.

Options to Specify Manage Leads Page Statuses

By default, all work orders assigned to CSR users having a Technician line status that is NOT set to 'unacknowledged', 'cancelled', 'work declined' and 'completed') will appear on the Manage Leads page. One of the following registry options may be implemented to define which log type statuses to include or exclude: the user can decide which one works best. NOTE: 'Include' rules when both settings are active.

Setting Key: OpenLeadsIncludeStatus Setting Value: list of statuses to include

Setting Key: OpenLeadsExcludeStatus Setting Value: list of statuses to exclude


Setting Key: OpenLeadsIncludeStatus

Setting Value: travel,onsite,waiting service,scheduled,pending,waiting parts,on break

Note that unacknowledged is not included on this list as unacknowledged work orders appear on the Acknowledge Leads page. If CSR’s should not access pending work orders, they would not be included in this list.