Renew Service Contract


Uses the existing information in Client Site Equipment PM Schedules and Client Site Billing Schedules to add new entries to these schedules for the following year. If the Date Closed field in the Job record is filled in (indicating a contract expiration date), it will be advanced by one year.

Registry Entries:

Registry Entry Start Renew Service Contract enables the Job Date Opened to also be advanced.


The PM Master Schedule (Master Contract) provides an alternative method of adding new inspection and billing dates.

New Inspection Schedules will only be generated to lines marked Ok to Renew for active Equipment. New Billing Schedule entries will only be generated for lines that include something to bill (i.e., the Amount Billed field is completed in the Client Site PM Billing tab). If your firm bills for PM's after they are completed, the billing amounts (Contract Value) are included on the PM Schedule tab of the Client Site Equipment; in this case, it would not be necessary to create a Billing Schedule in the Client Site record.

Start Renew Service Contracts will also renew PM Billing lines marked Ok to Renew even if they do not have a corresponding Equipment PM Schedule line (referencing the same job) also marked OK to renew.

After this function has been run, it is necessary to generate the new PM Schedule information to the Dispatch Board via the Start Generate PM WorkOrder function. Invoices for Scheduled Billings are generated via the Generate/Create PM Invoices starter function.

Important: If your Client is No Longer a PM Customer
Click Client Site PM Billing Tips for details on how to handle existing billings and prevent future ones.

Important Fields:

Escalation Percent
This field enables you to automatically escalate the Amount Billed and the Amount Earned fields in the Client Site PM Billing tab or the Contract Value field in the Site Equipment PM Schedule tab. For example, to escalate the contract by 7%, you would simply enter 7. Note that when you click the Go button to run this function, a checklist will appear. At this point, you may hand-edit the New Value field if needed.

Value Adjustment Type: Round Truncate None
This field defines how adjusted contract totals (NOT individually button amounts) with partial dollar amounts will be handled. By default, contract total amounts will be Rounded up or down to the next whole dollar value. Alternately, you may select Truncate or None by double-clicking on the adjacent radio button to control how the contract total amount is handled.

Default Distribution: o Weighted o Even
This field sets the default payment distribution method for the Renew Service Contract Checklist screen. It controls how the dollar amounts in the renewed billing schedule will be distributed. By default, this option is set to ‘Weighted’. Selecting this option results in each new billable amount being proportionally increased by the escalation percentage. This result is displayed in the ‘Weighted’ column in the example below.

If you select the Even option (only implemented  for Site PM Billing, not for TOS Contract values on the Site Equipment tab), the system will ‘smooth’ the billing schedule so that all payments are the same (or within a few pennies of each other). This result is shown in the ‘Even’ column in the following example. Note that in both cases, the Total Contract amount is increased by 10% exactly.


Escalation Percent: 10% Value Adjustment Type: Round

















Total Contract




Project Id:
To renew contracts for all Jobs in a particular Project, enter the appropriate Project Id. Several Id's can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (243,3645,3554).

Job Id:
To renew contracts for a particular Job, enter the appropriate Job Id. Several Id's can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (243,3645,3554).

Client Id:
To renew contracts for all Sites and Equipment referencing jobs for a particular Client, enter the appropriate Client Id. Several Id's can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (243,3645,3554).

Client Site Id:
To renew contracts for all Equipment at a particular Site, enter the appropriate Client Site Id. Several Id's can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (243,3645,3554).

Date Closed:
The Date Closed field in the Job Record is often used to specify the contract end date. To limit contract renewals to those referencing Jobs with selected Date Closed values, enter the Date Closed in yyyy-mm-dd format (2001-10-01) or double-click to set the date from the pop-up calendar. To enter a range of dates, separate the first and last date with an underscore. For example, to renew service contracts for jobs with a date closed in October, 2001, you would enter the following in this range field:


Branch Id:

To limit contract renews to a particular Branch, enter the appropriate Branch Id. Several Id's can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (243,3645,3554).

Important Buttons:

image\go.gif Click Go to Renew Contracts.

Start Renew Service Contracts Checklist

This checklist appears immediately after the Renew Service Contract function has been run so that you can verify which contracts should be updated. You must click Go from this screen to complete the generation of lines to the Client Site Equipment PM tabs and/or the Client Site PM Billing tabs.

Important Fields:

This field enables you to select which contracts should be generated. A check appears in the Do field if an item is selected.

Site Name: Job Id: Weighted: Project Id:
These informational fields enable you to verify which contracts should be Renewed.

New Value:  Old Value:
The New Value was calculated by the system based on the Old Value and the Escalation Percent and other parameters selected on the previous range screen.  The New Value may be changed by the user if needed.

The Description column defines that type of renewal being run based on the types of lines filled in on the Site PM Billing and/or the Site Equipment PM Schedule:

PM Billing has no value and PM Schedule has no contract value: T&M Inspections

Scheduled PM Billing has no value and PM Schedule has contract value: Equipment: Time of Service Billing

PM Billing has value: Site: Bill in Advance