Report AFT Accounts Payable (Canadian)


The Report AFT AP function should be run after the Print AP Checks function has been completed. This function is designed to generate the AFT (Automated File Transfer) AP file that will be transmitted for direct deposits. It will also create a printed AFT report for your records. After printing the report, you will be asked to confirm that an electronic file should be created.


A registry entry (see ***) must be in place for each GL Account/GL Entity combination for which you intend to create direct deposit files. In addition, the EFT Bank Id and Account fields must be completed in the Vendor records.

Important Fields:

Start Date: End Date:
Defines the date range for effective check dates to be included in the file.

GL Account Id:
(Required.) The bank (cash) account on which these AP checks are drawn. Double-click on this field to select from a list of Id's.

GL Entity Id:
If a GL Entity was specified in the Print AP Check function, the appropriate GL Entity Id must also be specified here.

Include Checks?
This field must be checked in order to generate the AFT file.

File Creation No:
This field will be included in the generated file for tracking purposes. It will default based on the GL Account and Entities that you select.