Report AP 1099 Electronic Files


This report function creates the files that is used to submit 1099 files electronically. The report RAP 1099EF.rpt must be imported into your data and assigned to the appropriate User Groups and the required registry entries (listed below) implemented.


The following registries are BOTH required for this report:

Registry 1099 Electronic File

Registry AP 1099 Electronic File  


The following potential issues existing when running  the electronic 1099’s:

There is currently no way to process multiple Payer Type ‘A’ records

There is a TIN type field in the Payee Type ‘B’ records which should be set to ‘1’ for an EIN number and ‘2’ for a SSN. This is currently handled by checking the Federal Tax Id field on Vendor's 1099 tab.  If the Id has a dash in the 3rd position it is processed as an EIN; otherwise it is considered to be an SSN.

Report Range Screen:

1099 Year:
Defines the year of the effective (check) dates of payments to include on this report.

Prior Year:
Check this box if this report is for the Prior Year.   

Test File:
Check this box if this is a Test file.

1099 Limit:
Enter a dollar value to limit the 1099’s to only those Vendors you have paid at least in the time period specified by 1099 Year. This field is also used for prior year reporting.

When you click Go, the system will display a raw dump of the report  Leave the report viewer open.

 If all is in order, click the Save button and save the report as a Text file. When you do so, the electronic file to be submitted will be written to the directory defined by the dbreportfiles registry's directory option.