Report AP Canadian Electronic T5018s

This function creates the files that is used to submit the T5018s electronically to the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency).

Important Vendor Record Notes:
The following fields must be set correctly in order to ensure that the T5018s are generated correctly for your individual and corporate Vendors.

Vendor T5018 Tab (may be labeled 1099)

Federal Tax Id:
If this field is set to 9 digits (the Vendor's SIN) the Vendor will be handled as an individual for the report.  If this field is 10 digits or more, the Vendor will be handled as a corporation for the report.

T5018 Name(s) (may be labeled 1099 Name(s))
For Vendors who are individuals, the first Name field should be the last name. The second Name field should be the individual's first name.

For Vendors who are corporations, the first Name field should be the legal corporation name. The Name field should be the corporation's DBA name.


The Registry Canadian Electronic T5018s is required to correctly produce the file for electronic submission.

Report Range Screen:

Start Date: End Date:
Defines the range of the effective (check) dates of payments to include on this report.

T5018 Limit:
Enter a dollar value to limit the T5018’s to only those Vendors you have paid at least in the time period specified by  the Start and End Dates.

Report Type Code:
Enter O for Original or A for Amended.

Submission Reference Id:
This field is user-defined.  For example, the submission date may be specified.

Vendor Id:
Enter a Vendor Id (or comma-delimited list of Vendors) to limit the Vendors included in the electronic file.

When you click Go, the system will display an Audit Report which may be printed for review. Leave the report viewer open.

 If all is in order, click the Save button.  When you do so, the electronic file to be submitted, T5018E.xml, will be written to the directory defined by the dbreportfiles registry's directory option.