Report AP Canadian T5018s


The Report is used to print the Canadian T5018 forms.

A related report, Report AP Canadian Electronic T5018s creates the files that is used to submit the T5018s electronically to the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency).


The Canadian T5018 Registry  is required to enable the printing of the T5018 Report. It specifies your T5018 printer, as well as any margin adjustments needed for alignment.

Report Range Screen:

Start Date: End Date:
Defines the range of the effective (check) dates of payments to include on this report.

T5018 Limit:
Enter a dollar value to limit the T5018’s to only those Vendors you have paid at least in the time period specified by  the Start and End Dates.

Vendor Id:
Enter a Vendor Id (or comma-delimited list of Vendors) to limit the Vendors included in the report.