Report Asset Profitability


This report compares Earned Revenue with Overhead Costs for the time period the user selects to calculate the Asset Profitability and Asset Cost/Hour for each Asset on the report, as well as a report total profitability.

Report Description:

The report is sorted by Asset Id. The following information is listed for each Asset if the Job Details box is flagged – it the box is not flagged, the Job Detail will not be displayed:

Asset Id: Asset Name:

Earned Revenue
Other Rate Id Date WO Id Job Id Cost Code Cost Cat Revenue Dollars Quantity Billed

Overhead Costs

Date Vendor/Employee Inv#/Labor Jrnl Cost Code Cost Cat Cost

Asset Profitability:

Asset Cost/Hour:

Total Profitability:

Report Range Screen:

Beginning Date: Ending Date:
These fields specify the time frame used to compute the profitability. At least the Ending Date must be completed. Only Assets with Revenue and or Costing history within this date range will be listed on the report.

Show Job Details?
If you flag this box, the Job and Cost Code will be shown on the Earned Revenue portion of the report.

Asset Id:
Asset Type:
These range fields may be used to limit the Assets displayed on the report. If these ranges are empty, all Assets with activity in the period defined by the Beginning and Ending Dates will appear on the report.