Report Cigna 401(k)


This report is designed to provide a printed and electronic report detailing 401(k) employee and matching contributions to be transferred to Cigna. This report must be run after you have computed and printed your payroll checks.

The following fields will be included on the printed version of this report:

Test/Production File Name
Branch Id, (if applicable), Employee Name, Social Security Number
Check Date, Gross Wages (for that Check Date)
Withheld ($ by employee), Match ($ contribution by company)
Loan 1 ($ repaid), Loan 2 ($ repaid)

The electronic version of the file conforms to the specifications required by Cigna.


See Registry Report Cigna 401(k) for the entries required to run this function correctly.

Important Fields:

Start Date End Date
Defines the range of payroll check dates to be included on this report. To include only one day's checks on the report, the Start Date and End Date should be the same.

Test File?
If you flag this field, the printed version of this report will include the designation Test File Name, and each line of the electronic version will begin with the characters TF (for Test File). This field would be flagged if you are producing a test version of the report and file for evaluation by Cigna for formatting purposes.

Branch Id:
If you need to limit the branches included on this report, enter the Branch Id (or double-click to select from a list).

Important Buttons:

Go run the report and create the electronic Cigna 401(k) File. If you entered a specific filename for the electronic version of this file in the Registry entry, the electronic version of the report will be saved as specified in the Registry. By default, the file will be saved to the working directory as cigna.dat.