Report EFT AP Detail


This report is used in conjunction with Accounts Payable direct deposits for Canadian AFT or US EFT processing.  It may be run to review previous transactions. Click on Overview to see a summary of the procedures needed to implement this functionality.

Report Format:

The report will list the Id, Name and Address for each Vendor, followed by the

Check Number – Date – Void Date (if applicable) – Check AmountDescription – PO Number – Invoice No. – Date – Invoice Amt – Amt Pd – Discount – Net Paid


This report (REFTCHCKDTL.rpt) must be imported into your database if it has not already been installed.

Important Fields:

Start Date: End Date:
Defines the date transmitted range for effective EFT check dates to be included in the report.

Include EFT Checks?
This field must be flagged.

Check Number:
This range will be automatically completed when this report is launched after processing AP checks.

Vendor Id: Vendor Type: GL Account Id: GL Entity Id:
When this report is run stand-alone, these ranges may be completed to filter the report to specific EFT checks.