Report EFT Accounts Payable (United States)


This function is designed to generate the electronic file that will be transmitted to the Automated Clearing House for direct deposit of AP checks. It will also produce a printed EFT Register report for your records. Click on Overview to see a summary of the procedures needed to implement this functionality.


A registry entry must be in place for each GL Account/GL Entity combination you intend to create direct deposit files for: see Registry Report EFT Accounts Payable (US). In addition, the Vendor's EFT Bank Id, Account Number must be filled in on the Defaults tab with his or her direct deposit information. In addition, the appropriate Vendor Email address must be completed.

This report should be run after the Print AP Checks function has been completed. After printing the register, you will be asked to confirm that an electronic file should be created.

Important Fields:

Start Date: End Date:
Defines the date range for effective check dates to be included in the file. Enter these dates in a mmddyyyy format or double-click to access the calendar to help you do so.

GL Account Id:
(Required.) The bank (cash) account on which these AP checks are drawn. Double-click on this field to select from a list of Id's.

GL Entity Id:
If a GL Entity was specified in the Print AP Check function, a GL Entity Id must also be specified here.

Include Checks?
Include Void Checks?
Check the field/fields to select which information to include on this file run. Note that direct deposit check information will only be included in the file if the Include Checks field is flagged. These fields may be checked/cleared by double-clicking on them (or by pressing the Spacebar when the focus is on them).

Important Buttons:

image\go.gif Generate the EFT File. By default, the file will be placed in the same directory as SAMPro executable unless otherwise specified via registry.