Report PR Check Detail

This report is designed primarily for installations who are using the SkipPrintEFTChecks option in sys-report-rprchck to allow for the display of PR EFT Checks but printing only the live checks.

This report provides stub information to employees who receive their pay via EFT, and who do not have access to the stubs via TimeAnywhere. With the appropriate registry entries it may be password protected and e-mailed to the employee.

By default this report prints at the top of the page, but the Line Adjust option on the report range screen may be used to move the print down to allow your corporate logo / contact information to print. Including your logo / information will be useful to employees needing check stub information to apply for credit or other financial transactions. We strongly recommend using the InitialValueFor~ registry option to set the report's Line Adjustment field to the correct value each time it is run.


Registry Report Check Detail

Range Screen:

Start Date: End Date:
Defines the range of check dates to be included on this report. To include only one day's checks on the report, the Start Date and End Date should be the same.

Order By: Id  Name
Select Id to print this report by Employee Id, or Name to print by Name (Last, First).

Include PTO Section?
Flag this box to include the Paid Time Off detail for each applicable employee.  

Include Reimbursable Section?
Flag this box to include a reimbursable expenses section for each applicable Employee.

Include PR Adjustment Details?
Flag this box to include a section displaying adjustment details.

Direct Deposits Only?
Flag this box to only include Direct Deposit checks on this report.

Line Adjust:
By default, this report is printed at the top of the page,  If a logo is to be included, the report must be moved down via this field. Header lines are calculated at approximately 8 lines/inch.  If your logo was a graphic about 2" in height, you would move the report down at least 16 lines to avoid the report 'stepping on' the graphic.

Employee Id:
To print the report for a specific Employee, enter the Id. Several Employees may be listed by entering their Id's separated by commas (1028,1376,2645).

Employee Type Id:
Complete this range to only include Employees of this Employee Type on the report.

Executive Payroll:
If you are an Executive Payroll user, this field will default to Y; to print checks for all employees (Executive or not) clear this range. If your user record is not flagged as Executive Payroll, you will only be able to print checks for other non-Executive users.