Report PR Worksheet


This report is designed to be run after Compute Payroll has been run for the specified Payroll Period, but before the Payroll Checks have been printed.

The first page of this report details any errors which occurred during the compute. The page will be blank if no errors were found. 

The second page is a summary of all the accounts that will be posted for all employees combined

A one-page summary for each employee follows.

After reviewing the report, errors in the Labor Journal / Work Order Labor tab would be computed as needed. Compute Payroll would be run again; followed by rerunning this report to confirm that all is well.


See Registry PR Worksheet for a registry to set the initial value of the FICA MC Wage Threshold field.

Important Fields:

Payroll Period Id:
Required. Enter a valid Payroll Period Id for which Compute Payroll has been run.

Order By: Id  Name
Select Id to print this report by Employee Id, or Name to print by Name (Last, First).

Include Job Cost?
Flag this box to include hours/expenses associated to specific Jobs for each Employee.

Include PTO Section?
Flag this box to include the Paid Time Off detail for each applicable employee.  

FICA MC Wage Threshold:
The Additional Medicare Tax statute requires U.S. employers to withhold Additional Medicare Tax on wages it pays to an employee in excess of $200,000 in a calendar year. For SAMPro users, this requires adding the FICA MCAD Tax Table to an Employee's Tax tab when he/she is projected to exceed $200,000 in the next payroll (NOT before).  When this field is completed, the following warning will appear in the report in red, bold text:

*** YTD FICA MC WAGES OF $ (employee's wages) HAVE EXCEEDED THE WAGE THRESHOLD of $ (value entered on input field) ***

Remember, the table FICA MCAD should not be added to the Employee's Tax Tab UNTIL the employee is going to breach the 200K threshold.

Employee Id:
To print a check for a specific Employee, enter the Id. Several Employees may be listed by entering their Id's separated by commas (1028,1376,2645).

Employee Type Id:
Complete this range to only include Employees of this Employee Type on the report.

Executive Payroll:
If you are an Executive Payroll user, this field will default to Y; to print checks for all employees (Executive or not) clear this range.

If your user record is not flagged as Executive Payroll, you will only be able to print checks for other non-Executive users.