Report Positive Pay


This report is designed to provide a verification for the financial institution your printed (live) checks are drawn on that these checks are in fact valid. Your bank may refer to this as an 'Issued' report. Both a printed report and a file (to be electronically transmitted to the bank) are generated when you run the report.


This report must be run after you have computed and printed your checks.

In order for this report to run correctly, a sys-positive-pay entry must be made for each GL Account/GL Entity combination for which you will issue checks. The electronic file that you will forward to you bank will be given the name specified in registry entry and stored in your working directory.

PR checks that were paid via EFT are now excluded from the positive pay report.

Important Fields:

Report Options:
The Report Options selector pane controls how the report will be output. Click Report Options to learn more.

Enter a unique, alphanumeric name to save and identify your customized report Range. Your default Id fields will not be saved unless you name your range.

Hint: You can create user-defined report ranges that are available to all users with access to that report. To do so, the first character of the named range should be an asterisk. Named ranges beginning with an asterisk will appear on all users' report ranges options so that they can be selected (but not altered) by any user with access to that report. Only the user that created the report range is allowed to alter it.

GL Account Id:
(Required.) The bank (cash) account these checks are drawn on. Double-click on this field to select from a list of Id's.

GL Entity Id:
If a GL Entity was specified in the Print Payroll Check function, a GL Entity Id must also be specified here.

Start Date: End Date:
Defines the range of check dates to be included on this report. To include only one day's checks on the report, the Start Date and End Date should be the same.

Reference Id:
If you need to limit the range of this report, enter the Employee Id (Payroll) or Vendor Id (AP) that you wish to include on the report.

Payee Name:
If you need to limit the range of this report, enter the Payee Name that you wish to include on the report.

Reference Type
If you need to limit the range of this report, enter E (for Employee Payroll) or V (for Vendor AP) checks that you wish to include on the report.

Check Number
The user may filter the printed and electronic versions of the report by the Check Id by entered the number (or a list or range of numbers).

Important Buttons:

image\go.gifGo run the report and create the electronic Positive Pay File