Report Purchase Order


Print purchase and change orders.


Required to run reports manually. When you click the Go button, the system may ask you to select a printer. If you elected to Preview the Report, it will appear on your screen.

If you confirm that the Purchase Order has printed successfully, its status will be updated (e.g. to Printed or Changed).

All amounts on the printed PO form will appear in the foreign currency of the Vendor. The Currency Abbreviation (from the Currency Master record) will appear on to the right of the Estimated Total.

Registry Entries:

Registry Entry for Report Graphics and Autosave

Important Fields:

Report Options:
The Report Options selector pane controls how the report will be output. Click Report Options to learn more.

Report Ranges:
The Report Ranges selector pane enables you to select a customized range for the report. When you click on a range, the criteria defining it will appear in the ID field(s). Creating a customized report range is discussed below. Notice that you must name a custom range in order to save it.

Enter a unique, alphanumeric name to save and identify your customized report Range. Ranges are defined by the contents of the ID field(s).

Hint: You can create user-defined report ranges that are available to all users with access to that report. To do so, the first character of the named range should be an asterisk. Named ranges beginning with an asterisk will appear on all users' report ranges options so that they can be selected (but not altered) by any user with access to that report. Only the user that created the report range is allowed to alter it.

PO Id:
Enter the Id of the PO (or PO's) that you wish to print or double-click to select from a list. See the section entitled Additional Rules.. below for more details on specifying PO Id's.

Hint: Entering PO Fields
Since all PO's in the system will be printed if you leave the fields open, you will either want to specify the PO Id's to print, or a combination of who ordered the PO and the status of the PO. For example, to only print Released PO's created by user Jones, you would enter Jones in the Ordered By range, and Released in the Status range.

Ordered By:
To limit the PO's on this report to those ordered by a specific user, enter the User Id

To limit the report to those PO's of a particular status, enter the PO Status in this range. Valid status options include:

 Unreleased  Released  Printed   Changed
 PendingCancel  Cancelled  Closed

Line Status
To limit the report to those PO's with lines of a particular status, enter the Line Status in this range. Valid line status options include:  new  printed  changed

Comparison Operators

Comparison Operators may also be used to filter the report.

Important Buttons:

Click on the following button to see additional information.

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