Report T4 (Canada)

This report generates the Canadian T4 forms. This is a system report, and does not need to be imported to your database.


The registry options discussed in Registry T4 Print (sys-printer-T4) and Registry T4 Report Defaults must be in place for this report to print properly.

Important: Deduction Record Setup:
In order for Union Dues and Charitable Deductions to correctly print on the T4, the user must populate the field ‘Deduction User 1’ with Dues or Charitable, respectively, and ensure that the Deduction Type is Misc.

Earnings and Deduction Records – Other Information
Canadian T4's use the W2 Category fields in the Deductions & Earnings records to populate the Other Information boxes on the T4. The W2 category must be filled in as OI:(Code # for T4). The Employee User 7 field is used to print the registration number in box 50 on the T4.

This release supports an enhancement to allow Earnings records to be set up with a W2 Category of OI:40 and an Earnings Type of Wage for use in T4 processing.

Box 14: Supports the processing of exempt earnings for the calculation of Employment Income.

Box 20: Enter RPP Contribution amounts using an Earnings Id with the W2 Category set to 20.

Box 24: will be blank if it is the same as Box 14.

Box 26: will be forced to blank.

Box 52: Enter Pension Adjustments using Earning Id's with the W2 Category set to 52.

Important Fields:

Copy to Print:
Select either Employer or Employee version:

Employer version prints two employees per page; generates the T4 Summary page

Employee version prints same employee twice on one page; does not generate the T4 Summary page

Select the Province (required).

Select the Year: the Start Date & End Date range will default to Jan 1 – Dec 31.

Plain Paper copy?

The first print should be to plain paper to check the numbers.

 Plain Paper Selected

 Will display on screen; select printer to print hard copy

 Plain Paper NOT Selected

 Will print directly to the selected printer

 Will prompt for T4 Summary page on Employer print

Enter T4 Summary Remittance:
This amount will balance to the amounts on the T4 Summary. It is not necessary to enter this amount when running Employee version as only the Employer version generates the T4 Summary Page

Employee Id:
Enter Selected Employees or leave Blank for all employees.

Executive Payroll
Enter Y if this is an executive payroll or clear for all payroll types. Note that only Executive Payroll users will be able to print forms for Executive Payroll employees.