Report Vendor 1099 (AP 1099 Forms)


This function is used to print AP / Vendor 1099 Forms.


Successful 1099 reporting depends on properly formatted registry entries and Vendor records.

Vendor Records
The 1099 Misc. box must be checked on the Vendor record to be eligible for 1099’s. Also be sure that the Vendor Category, Federal Tax Id, and 1099 Names(s) are completed correctly.

TIP: Aligning your Forms: we suggest printing a 1099 for one Vendor (by entering an Id in the Vendor range) on plain paper to check alignment. The Top Margin field may be used to move the text down if it is printing too far up on the form.

Depending upon the printer, it may be difficult to get both the top and bottom forms to align since the top margin field may only be specified for whole lines. If adjusting the Top Margin does not correct the issue, the ‘filler lines’ (between the top and bottom) in the individual copy of the report can be adjusted; contact your support department if this is required.

TIP: Help Completing Vendor 1096 and Preparing for 1099s
Report Vendor Payment History (RVNDRPYMNTS.rpt) dated 01/30/2017 or later may be imported and run to assist with the completion of the Federal Form 1096 which summarizes the 1099 Vendor forms for that year. The Vendor Limit should be currently be set to conform to the 1099 requirements. The Start and End Dates should specify the calendar year reported on.

Registry Entries:

The Registry Entry Federal and State EIN must be set so that your company’s Federal Tax Id will print on the 1099.

The Registry Entry Vendor 1099 Report must be set for printing a second address line for your 1099 Vendors on the report.

The Registry Entry Company Address provides the information that is used to print your firm’s address on this form. This registry setting may be temporarily altered if you wish to include your firm’s telephone number on the form.

Important Fields:

Report Options:
The Report Options selector pane controls how the report will be output. Click Report Options to learn more.

Enter a unique, alphanumeric name to save and identify your customized report Range. Your default Id fields will not be saved unless you name your range.

This field must remain blank when running this report.

1099 Year:
Enter the year the 1099’s are being produced for (e.g., 2013). This field must be completed in order for your 1099's to print.

1099 Limit:
Enter a dollar value to limit the 1099’s to only those Vendors you have paid at least this much in the 1099 year.

Top Margin:
This field may be used for alignment purposes if your 1099’s are printing too high on the form. Entering 1 or 2 (and tabbing out of the field) will move the report down by a line on the form. Entering -1 will move it up a line.

Filler Lines Adjustment:
This field allowing the bottom form to be moved up or down relative to the top form. Entering 1 or 2 (and tabbing out of the field) will move the bottom from down. Entering -1 will move it up a line.

Vendor Id:
This field enables you to only print1099’s for a single Vendor or series of Vendors. It is recommended for reprinting 1099’s and for aligning your forms.